Students' Bracelets Represent Bond With Haitians

For Several Years a Tiny Catholic School has Helped Children in Haiti. Now They are Worried About the Fate of Those Haitian Children.

At a tiny Catholic school in South Pasadena, students are learning a lesson about life, survival and death.

Although thousands of miles away from earthquake ravaged Haiti, the students at Holy Family School are linked to Haitian Children with simple friendship bracelets made of yarn.

"You see all of them wearing them, and they look really excited with them, and it’s good," said Joe Harding, Holy Family Student Council President.

The school and parish have been working to help the people of Haiti since 2001. In the aftermath of the earthquake, their work is taking on an even greater urgency.

The church is posting updates on the Holy Family website where people can make donations to the Haiti Relief Fund which Holy Family has established. Holy Family said 100 percent of the funds donated will be given directly to Hands Together for Mission Haiti relief work.

They are asking for cash instead of material goods which they are not able to get to Haiti, and all donations are welcome.

"I had a little boy bring his little bag of money in to today in his Ziplock bag and said I want this to go to Haiti, said Carolyn Strong, Principal, Holy Family School.

His donation will get there, and so will spare change collected during a year round "Buckets of Hope" campaign that normally ends in June. Because of the earthquake, the money will be sent now.

"I know it means a lot and it adds up over time and it could get them a lot of food and water and what they need," said Joe Harding, Holy Family Student Council President.

The Church is also holding a meditative prayer service of solidarity for their the victims of the earthquake on Friday evening from 7:30 to 8. There will also be a special focus on Haiti during all the Sunday Masses.

"We know that what we can do is to pray, and to also to help to begin to think about the future and the rebuilding efforts that are going to be needed," said Cambria Smith, Parish Life Director. "This is truly a dark night for them but I know that their spirit will survive, and I hope that they know that all of us around the world are in solidarity with them, and in prayer, said Cambria Smith, Parish Life Director.

Holy Family School has an enrollment of 320 students, kindergarten through 8th grade.

Donations from the school and parish have totaled nearly one million dollars in cash, plus 12 cargo containers full of school supplies, books, medical supplies were shipped to Haiti over the years.

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