Halloween Backyard Illusions

Halloween fanatic Philippe Bergeron transforms his already unusual Woodland Hills backyard to a must-see Halloween Eve attraction.

Nick Hartounian

It's not your typical San Fernando Valley backyard and definitely not your average Halloween decorated house.  Sure there are ghosts and goblins, but factor in giant, invisible, countless mirrors and you've got a Philippe Bergeron original.

“There’s something magical and scary about mirrors,” said Bergeron.

Bergeron has had a fascination with mirrors since he saw an episode of the show “The Masked Magician.”

“You don’t know where the reality ends and the mirrored world begins.”

So in 2002, when Bergeron bought his home, he started to install a series of mirrors in his backyard.

“I started right away. I promised my wife I will finish when I install 5 mirrors. Today, I have 50 mirrors installed.”

And for Halloween, he uses the mirrors, smoke, skulls, and ghosts to attract hundreds of people to his backyard attraction called, “Forest of Mirrors.”

“People love it. Every year, this place gets bigger and better.”

And this year, the place has a lot more history – haunted history.

“I built this garden and always described it as if Houdini had designed it,” said Bergeron.

Bergeron found a connection between Harry Houdini and the previous home-owner, American comic actor Buster Keaton.

“A year ago, I wondered what if there was a relationship between Buster Keaton and Harry Houdini, I Goggled the two names and discovered Houdini was the godfather of Buster Keaton” said Bergeron

Bergeron was thrilled.

“That’s amazing, and Houdini died on Halloween, so its all connected; I was meant to buy this house and do all of this” said Bergeron

You can check out “Forest of Mirrors” in Woodland Hills at 6124 Lederer Avenue, open to the public Halloween night. Visit their website for more information: www.forestofmirrors.com.

“I always loved Halloween.”

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