Havoc on The Walk: Nacho Libre vs. CD Vendors

Superman didn't save the day, Spider-Man was a no-show, and Batman just watched.

Video posted on YouTube shows CD music vendors attacking a man dressed as Nacho Libre -- a confrontation that some of the costumed characters said stemmed from overcrowding on the Walk of Fame outside Hollywood and Highland.

"There have been a series of fights," said Harry, who dresses as Batman's sidekick, Robin. "It seems like a territory thing. The characters have multiplied since we started in 2000. There are just too many rats fighting for the same piece of cheese. I think if the characters were to spread out a little, it would help."

Several witnesses said they have seen squabbles involving the costumed characters and CD merchants. One costumed character was hospitalized with a skull fracture, according to The Los Angeles Times.

Harry and a man dressed as Spider-Man said the Nacho Libre character was new to the scene. Harry said new characters seem to be targeted more often.

Harry and Spider-Man said they do not know whether Nacho Libre was injured. They said he has not returned since the beating.

"If you're sitting there and closing a deal, there's a little bit of professional courtesy that goes on," said Harry.

The characters are not considered vendors, which would require a license from the city. They can ask for donations after taking a photograph with visitors.

A deputy at the office of Councilman Gil Garcetti said city officials are attempting to develop a plan to address the problem. On the Venice Boardwalk, there are restrictions as to when and how many vendors can be on the boardwalk.

"I haven't experienced any fights myself," said a costumed Superman. "I have witnessed a few of the attacks.  There have been a lot of fistfights out here. The CD guys are trying to be territorial out here.

"If we had permits, we'd be able to eliminate some of the bad characters and the CD guys who are causing trouble."

YouTube: Nacho Libre gets attacked on Hollywood blvd.

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