Hazardous Winter Weather Turns to Fun

Sunshine warmed things up Tuesday, and snow at lower elevations started to melt

The snow in Frazier Park made for quite a workout for the Zicker family. They live in the area, and days like Tuesday are the reason they're there.

The Zickers decided to take a break from life's daily chores, to build a snowman. Conditions were not ideal. But half-an-inch of wet snow worked well enough.

"It's normal for us but it's nice," said mom Jodi Zicker. "It looks like powdered sugar."

Jonathan Sobel wanted to provide some Christmas spirit for his young son, Sam. So, they took a drive to Frazier Park from Granada Hills. And the road conditions were just fine.

 "We're just playing and having a good time," said Sobel. "We took the day off from school and work."

Nick Butler from Las Vegas wasn't as excited about the snow as the kids. He was still concerned about road conditions, even as the sun started melting the white stuff.

"It's certainly something you don't have to deal with where I am from," said Butler. "It's kind of stressing me out because I don't have snow tires, so I am worried about the drive back to Nevada."

The California Highway Patrol never did have to close the Grapevine for this storm. But officers are still reminding everyone who drives to the higher elevations to be careful.

"This time of year when the storms move through we will get a low cloud back over the freeway and that could reduce visibility drastically," said Officer Ryan Patrick of the CHP.

The Zicker family will be sad to see the snow go away. But they figure it will be back soon enough.

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