Here's a Peek Inside the Hottest Hollywood Swag Gifting Suites

We're giving you a closer look at what the stars will take home in their swag bag.

It's Oscar weekend and that means swag bags are being passed out by businesses all over town in the hopes Hollywood stars show off their wares. These "gifting suites" or "gifting lounges" as they are called have become a staple of awards season and we're getting a look inside two of the hottest Oscars gifting lounges for the Academy Awards.

Nathalie Dubois is the president of DPA, a branding and gifting suite company that features luxury items from jewelry and clothes, to beauty and wellness. She tells us although it might seem like stars already have it all, the gifting suites are more about the businesses involved.

"In most cases, these are new or unknown companies who are trying to get the word out about their products. And getting them in the hands of a celebrity can really make a difference," Dubois said.

Another company working the gifting lounge circuit is TMG International. We visited their gifting lounge at The Beverly Hilton where they had beauty and wellness products, and also an entire room dedicated to CBD products.

Scroll through our pictures to get a closer look at the gifting lounge items celebrities will take home on Oscars weekend.

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