Hermosa Beach Pier Reopens in Time for Memorial Day Weekend

At more than 1,000 feet long, the Hermosa Beach Municipal Pier is an iconic structure ready to accept coastal visitors once again.

The waves crashing against the pier have taken their toll, and it was closed in April for renovations, including on six concrete support beams. Total repairs cost the city about $200,000.

"If a pier is not in good shape, then people aren't gonna go," said Signal Hill resident Lee Godden.

Robert Rodriquez and his family have been coming to the pier for nearing four decades, to fish and to socialize. Many others are attracted to the pier for one reason.

"This can get you all the way out in the water, past the waves, farther than most people will swim," said Lomita resident Patrick Vega.

"We just like it 'cause you can be right by the water. It's fun to walk on," said Lucy Bayle, of Redondo Beach.

Since reopening earlier this week, the pier is ready just in time for the long Memorial Day weekend.

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