High Gas Prices Jeopardize Holiday Travel

Even Though Gas Prices are Slightly Lower, Gas is Still Too Expensive for Many Families to Take Their Annual Road Trips During Memorial Day

Southern Californian's were on the move Friday night. But were they going home, or leaving town for Memorial Day weekend and the unofficial start of summer?

Memorial Day: Monday Events

"I'm going to Burbank right now to pick up my friend from out of town, and then we're going to head for San Diego to go to SeaWorld, and hang in San Diego," according to Susan Noel, of Santa Clarita.

Noel and other fun-seekers stopped at a Santa Clarita service station and found regular gas at $3.99 a gallon.

The Automobile Club of Southern California says Memorial holiday driving can't help but be impacted by higher-than-usual prices at the pump.

"It's about a dollar higher, however, than this time last year, so that is an impact on people's budget, but not as much as you might think," according to Marie Montgomery, with The Automobile Club.

Customers lined up for $3.93 a gallon gas in North Hollywood, but most say a "driving vacation" this weekend is unlikely.

"That's what we're debating, the money on the gas. A fill-up is $70," says William Macias, of North Hollywood.

"I went all through Reseda, and there was some cheap gas, but this was the cheapest," according to Gina Lozano, of Los Angeles.

AAA says air travel is up this weekend, thanks to plan-ahead travelers who booked in January, before April fuel surcharges kicked in.

But a significant number of Americans have no travel plans at all.

"I gotta work," states Jose Magana, of North Hollywood.

What about you? Do you have big travel plans for the weekend? Let us know below.

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