Three-Legged Dog Is Getting a Prosthetic Leg

A three-legged Chihuaha-terrier mix is getting a prosthetic leg built by a group of high school students in San Juan Capistrano.

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JSerra Catholic High School
The students from JSerra Catholic High School making the prosthetic leg for the dog.
JSerra Catholic High School
Izabel is a chihuahua-terrier mix who was rescued when she was 2 years old.
JSerra Catholic High School
Isabella Sills (right) is the president of the 3D Makerz Club. The club has made everything from bracelets to a Rubik's Cube and now Isabella's prosthetic leg.
Bibi Gaytán/FACEBOOK
Bret Ellington, Izabel's owner, says that Izabel gets tired when he takes her out on walks. He think the artificial limb would help increase her stamina.
JSerra Catholic High School
Ellington says Izabel will likely endure a learning curve with the prosthetic leg, but it will be worth it if will help improve her overall health.
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The group of students helping make Izabel an artificial limb is now on their second prototype. They've added more flexible, plastic filaments to give Izabel the feeling of a real leg.
Celebrity DJ Prophet performed
Ellington works as an acupuncturist and says Izabel brings joy to his clients, inspiring them to get better with the struggles she now endures without a fourth leg.
JSerra Catholic High School
Sills is a sophomore at JSerra Catholic High School. She wants to continue helping animals through 3D printing and "maybe even people."
JSerra Catholic High School
The group says they now have three ideas for prototypes of Izabel's artificial leg and will see which one works one best before designing a final product.
JSerra Catholic High School
Izabel and another one of the group members from the 3D Makerz club helping design her leg.
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