Historic Mayfair Hotel Catches Fire

After the fire, the floods

An early morning fire in downtown Los Angeles sent 12 firefighting crews and more than 50 firefighters to the historic Mayfair Hotel.  Firefighters were able to put the fire out within minutes but the majority of the damage came afterwards.

Seeping from the 8th floor to the lobby, a broken pipe in the sprinkler system kept water flowing long after the fire was out.  Some guests at the hotel had to be moved to other rooms as a result.

"We were watching a scary movie," Stephanie Porter said, "when we heard the alarm we called the front desk and they said they'd be sending security to check it out."

There was some confusion in the first few minutes after the alarm went off.  Hotel guests say they were told to stay in their rooms and then later told to evacuate.

Joel Alvarado saw the smoke. 

"I went out in to the hallway," he said, "the ballroom was covered in charred ash and a black, crispy water was coming out."

Firefighters say the fire appears to have started in a room adjacent to the ballroom on the 3rd floor.  Arson investigators have yet to announce the official cause.

No word on the cost of the damage.

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