Hollywood Loves “The Artist”

The silent film tribute was filmed in Los Angeles, and features a popular theme

All that was missing was the red carpet. It was an awards ceremony where the flash bulbs popped, the stars smiled, and photo opportunities abounded.

There was only one nominee and only one winner. And more words were spoken at the ceremony than in the movie.

In the same Hollywood studio where the dance sequence of "The Artist" was filmed, Tuesday officially became "The Artist" Day in the City of Los Angeles.

"The Artist" was filmed entirely in Los Angeles and now it's up for an Oscar. Can you say, "home town bias?"  

"We are saluting a great film that is nominated for best picture," said City Councilman Tom LaBonge.

So is this any way to run an Oscar campaign? After all, the majority of Oscar voters reside in Southern California.

"I do find it bizarre that so many other movies were made in Hollywood and not honored," said Scott Feinberg of The Hollywood Reporter.

Other best picture nominees this year include "The Descendants," filmed in Hawaii; "The Help," filmed in Mississippi; and "Hugo," filmed in Europe.

That may explain why "The Artist" is getting the hometown treatment.

"It’s my job to influence people and Hollywood is a great place," says LaBonge. The rest may be history.

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