San Pedro Couple Attacked by Masked Intruders

The two men broke into the San Pedro home and attacked a couple before leaving with cash and other items

A woman was hospitalized after she was attacked by two men who broke into her San Pedro home Wednesday morning before they left with cash and other items.

The initial call to police at about 2 a.m. indicated a burglary occured at the home in the 300 block of North Mesa Street. Authorities later determined that two men wearing masks attacked a man and woman in the house.

"There were some statements we received that indicated it might not have been a random attack," said detective David Cortez.

Cortez characterized the investigation as "very preliminary." Detectives plan to continue interviewing the victims and neighbors.

The attackers likely entered the home through a back alley entrance. They stole money the couple planned to use for rent, jewelry, prescription medication and other items.

The female victim was released later Wednesday from the hospital.

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