Hot, Dry Weather Brings Fire Warnings

The National Weather Service is warning that hot, dry conditions forecast for Southern California over the next several days will increase the danger of wildfires.

Already, a brushfire near Banning is burning out of control and threatening homes, an official at the Riverside County Fire Department said Sunday.

Monday will be the hottest and driest day, the weather service said, but fire danger was expected to build throughout Sunday, and continue through Tuesday.

On Sunday, temperatures were expected to reach 105 degrees in many valley locations, and remain significantly above average through Tuesday.

The high temperature on Sunday in Santa Monica was expected to hit 86 degrees. In Woodland Hills, the heat was predicted to reach 103 on Sunday, and 104 on Monday. Palmdale is expected to hit 99 degrees on Sunday.

You can view our interactive radar maps here, and see a video of the forecast by NBC4's Carl Bell here.

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