Hot in the Desert, Chilly at the Coast

Temperatures in the high 90s are expected this week in the high desert.

Sunday started out chilly and cloudy in much of the region, but the sun was expected to come out in the late morning, bringing moderate temperatures in coastal areas and a warmer day inland.
The high in Santa Monica Sunday was epected to be just 69 degrees. But the high desert will heat up, to a high temperature of 91 degrees. The San Fernando Valley will be partly cloudy, with a high of 81 degrees.
For those interested in historical weather conditions, consider that on June 10, 1978, the mercury hit 107 in Studio City. That’s even higher than the record of 103 degrees in the high desert city of Palmdale in 1985.
The lowest temperature recorded on June 10 in Palmdale was 39 degrees, in 1954. Temperatures in Santa Monica hit their low in 1958 at 50 degrees.
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