Hot Wheels Zoom at Discovery Cube LA

Enjoy "hands-on opportunities" and the chance to "race the clock" at the science-minded museum.

What to Know

  • Discovery Cube LA
  • Through April 28, 2019
  • Included with admission

Clicking track together, piece by piece by piece, on a rainy Saturday morning? All to square off against a sibling, in a series of ultimate, winner-rules, speed-supreme Hot Wheels races?

Saying this is but a memory of childhood, for many of us, isn't the whole story. For this is happening now, in homes with kids and homes with Hot Wheels-loving grown-ups.

Truth? There are dens across the region fully given over to full-on track-filled worlds created expressly for tiny wheels to roll.

If this is how you roll, best roll straight for Discovery Cube LA, before April 28, where "Hot Wheels: Race to Win" is on view.

Again, that's the Los Angeles Discovery Cube only, not in Orange County or Newport Beach, which, of course, are home to many kid-thrilling wonders, too.

This isn't a static, "display only" exhibit devoted to the iconic palm-sized vehicles, however. Rather, a number of "hands-on opportunities" fill the traveling exhibit, giving Hot Wheelers of all ages the chance to dig down into the science behind velocity, power, and the angles of a track.

One big highlight?

The Pit Stop Challenge, which includes a "race against the clock" (yep, tire-changing and refueling come into play). There's a downhill track, boasting six-lanes, to ponder, as you and your family members or friends figure out how to reach the finish line first.

Hot Wheels have been zoom-zooming for a half century now, and if you've collected all of them in your time, then you have over 11,000 variations of the 800 models in your collection.

Even if you have a prized few, like many fans, you know the power and thrall of a Saturday morning spent on the floor, running those die-cast wonders along a length of track.

Best slip inside a real-world car, and follow all speed limits, as you head to Discovery Cube LA for this mega Hot Wheels experience.

Once there? Speed is the theme, and if you can't put pedal to the metal with your small car, exactly, you can put hand to the back bumper to make it go, go, go.

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