How to Reduce Concussion Risks

With the start of a new school year, parents are being urged to help their children take precautions to prevent concussions.

Anything that causes a sudden jarring of the head can cause a concussion, as violent shaking may make the brain swell. There may be time lag between the injury and the display of symptoms.

The person injured does not always lose consciousness after the injury, and may feel confusion, weakness, or experience memory or vision problems.

Any person who suffers a concussion should not return to normal activity until they have been evaluated with physical, memory and intelligence tests.

Dr. Bruce's advice for reducing the risk of concussions:

  • Have an expert teach your children neck exercises. Neck strength prevents shaking and jarring of the head.
  • Teach your children balance training, which will also help protect the brain.
  • Limit contact in all sports
  • Limit violent movements
  • If you see anyone who seems confused or weak after playing sports, make sure they sit out and recover before returning.
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