Humidity Headed to Southern California

Humid weather, more typical of the Deep South, is headed to Southern California.

Forecasters are predicting a scorching hot weekend, with high humidity, and Palmdale residents are planning ahead, getting the family outside now while they can.

"They stay in the house all day so we need to get out," says Jose Vasquez. "We'll ride bikes. We don't want to stay in the house all day, it's even a little more hot." 

Others are thinking about their hair, of all things. After all, humidity can make for a bad hair day.

"The stylist informs me that my hair is going to get frizzy," says Annie Huerta. "So this might call for a different style change suggestion to help me out."

Whatever hot weather means to you, authorities say you should seek out shade and air conditioning if you can. 

And above all, seek out water, whether it's to drink or splash around in.

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