Hundreds of Wildfire Survivors Plan for the Next Big One

Meeting in Yorba Linda Draws Huge Crowd

Yorba Linda, Calif. – It may be wet outside but people are still thinking about dry weather and wildfires.

About five hundred Yorba Linda homeowners turned out Wednesday night to hear from the Orange County Fire Authority, the agency charged with protecting rural Orange County.

Maybe one reason so many people showed up at the meeting was that the Freeway Complex fire in Yorba Linda last year was still fresh in their minds – it destroyed 194 homes.

Another reason is the current mess in Australia where hundreds of people have been killed in monstrous firestorms in the past few days.

The hot topic tonight was whether homeowners should be allowed to stay and defend their properties during wildfires. 

Watch NBC4's Bev White’s 11 p.m. newscast report from tonight’s community meeting in Yorba Linda.

Here’s a link to a story published by the Orange County Register online:

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