Huntington Beach Couple Fights Bank Over Foreclosure

Another victim of the foreclosure crisis gripping Southern California

The stress of a possible home foreclosure has put a visible strain on the Diaz family of Huntington Beach.

For more than 30 years Conrad Diaz and his wife have created the memories of a lifetime there.

"To find ourselves in this situation... and the idea we might lose this home is unbearable," Conrad Diaz said.
The economic downturn in 2007 along with the sudden illness of his wife started the downward spiral for Diaz, and he had to quit his job to care for her.
Diaz found himself in need of a mortgage loan modification.
"We had been making monthly timely payments for 33 years and never missed a payment," he said.
However, a loan modification has not been easy to come by. One West Bank has had the family in limbo for a year. Recently the bank threatened the Diaz family with foreclosure.
"I am a victim of the soft economy, but I feel I am more a victim of the way the bank is approaching the situation," Diaz said.
The bank would not comment on camera, but a bank spokesperson said a 60-day reprieve on a foreclosure was given to the family in hopes a loan modification could be done.
Diaz hangs on the hope the bank will come through and give him the loan modification necessary to create new home family memories.
"Either yea or nay. Give us some type of answer," he said.

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