Illegal Fireworks Tear Hole in a Gardena Family's Home

An illegal firework tore a hole in the roof of a Gardena family's home on the Fourth of July.

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A Gardena family is trying to pick up the pieces after illegal fireworks tore a huge hole right through their home.

Alex Rosales, the homeowner's son, said that he and his family were watching fireworks outside of their home on July Fourth when what sounded like an explosion was heard.

The moment of impact was captured on video.

The family went to search the home and found a gaping hole in the ceiling of the sister's bedroom.

"The whole room is a disaster and a big hole in the roof," Rosales said. "It's honestly one of those things you only see in movies, there's dust and you can barely see anything with all of the some just everywhere."

No one was hurt and there was no fire.

The family filed a police report and for now, they are staying in a hotel.

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