Illusions, Antiques, Collectibles: Magic Castle Swap Meet

You've been needing some of those mysterious linking rings, right?

We all have those days when we wish we could pull a rabbit out of a hat -- or a solution to a work or life issue -- or simply disappear, for an hour or two, into a puff of purple smoke. (See the aforementioned life or work issue.)

But many of us stowed our beloved magic kits as children and gave up learning illusions. We donated our first top hat and our first plastic egg trick and our first disappearing coin. And now, whenever we see a magician on television, we do wish, a little, that we'd kept at it, improved, and now could be the toast of every party we attended.

Good news, magic hopefuls: There's always time to tap into your latent magician. Look no further than the Magic Castle, which is holding a mega swap meet on Saturday, Oct. 12 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The Hollywood club, which marked its 50th anniversary earlier in 2013, is normally open only to magician members and their guests, but the swap meet is something a little special. Non-members can indeed enter the castle and pay eight bucks for the pleasure of doing so.

And what will be happening inside the famous Victorian mansion on the hill? Past, future, and current magicians, and magic lovers of all disciplines, will browse, shop, and purchase "used magic, books, illusions, antiques, collectibles, and scores of surprises" from a veritable raft of vendors.

An extra fun bit, especially for those who have never been inside the exclusive club? The tables'll be set up around various points of the Castle, so you'll get a good peek at something that is usually fairly unpeekable. You're also bound to spy some really fine magicians in your midst.

And, nope, we really don't believe that disappearing for an hour into puff of smoke or a hat-based rabbit to solve any of our day-to-day dramas. But learning magic, and performing it, does have a way of delivering some zing and oomph to life, which just may lessen the day-to-day dramas' impact.

Now you see them, now you don't.

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