Instant Karma: Beverly Hills Cops Nab Drivers Failing to Yield

When you see people break the law, don't you sometimes wish that a police officer would be around the corner to get them?

That was the case last week as the Beverly Hills Police Department issued 53 citations in 90 minutes during a sting operation targeting motorists who failed to yield to a pedestrian at a crosswalk.

The Beverly Hills Courier caught the police in action, filing the above report earlier this week.

Yielding for pedestrians has been a very prominent problem in Beverly Hills, ranking No. 1 in the state for the number of vehicles hitting pedestrians per population, the Courier reported. The sting was set-up at the intersection that received the most complaints about drivers failing to yield: Wilshire Boulevard and Palm Drive.

"In the last year, from July 2009 to July 2010, we've had 73 vehicle-versus-pedestrian collisions," said BHPD Motor Sergeant Brad Cornelius.

During the Aug. 4 operation, plain-clothes officer Kevin Orth would cross the street while seven traffic officers waited nearby to pounce on drivers who didn't yield. Only motorists who had a plain view and stopping time of at least 150 feet but failed to stop were cited. Fines ranged between $35 and $179.

Beverly Hills residents applauded the operation, knowing the dangers that are present at this intersection.

"It's scary here," resident Adrienne Forst told the Courier. "We either need a signal, flashing lights for people to cross. It's just a horrible situation and this should never happen in Beverly Hills."

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