Falling Through the Cracks

.slide h2 {margin:0;}November 2014/April 2015

The I-Team tackled the city of LA's major delays in addressing resident concerns about dangerous sidewalks.

Access Denied

.slide h2 {margin:0;}January 2015

NBC4 shared with viewers a confrontation with the state over delays to help a disabled San Bernardino man who said he was trapped in a Garden Grove care facility because his home doesn't meet his needs.

Stolen in Seconds

.slide h2 {margin:0;}February 2015

The I-Team alerted consumers to the high risks of using a debit card after federal investigators revealed the brand-new, high-tech gadgets thieves use to rip people off at ATMs and gas stations.

Cellphone Security System

.slide h2 {margin:0;}February 2015: Cellphone Security System

NBC4 learned that old cellphones and tablets with cameras can be reused as security cameras for free.

Nightmare Neighbors

.slide h2 {margin:0;}February/March 2015

Los Angeles city officials vowed to crack down on the party problem keeping neighbors up at night — an issue the I-Team first uncovered in a February investigation.

Dirty Secret

.slide h2 {margin:0;}March 2015

The I-Team examined and uncovered a popular LA-area restaurant's salmonella outbreak that went unreported by health officials to the public. When questioned by the I-Team, Ventura County health officials say in hindsight, they could have made a public statement warning the public about the outbreak.

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