Prank or a Culinary Attempt Gone Bad?

One car in Venice was wrapped in plastic, another was doused with flour, cereal and oatmeal

Venice is known for its quirkiness, but this weekend someone found their car wrapped in plastic wrap. The car in front of it was covered in cereal, oatmeal and flour.

Residents say this was a little over the top.

"It's Venice. We love Venice for this exact reason. Odd and curious things happen here," said Deborah Daly, a Venice resident.

"Mad Chef" hits Venice is how YoVenice described it.

One local asked, "Was it fruit loops?" Others wrote "This is awesome" and "Ridiculously funny."

But some weren't so tickled. One writing, "It's funny until you have to scrape wet flour or oatmeal off your car then call your insurance company for a new paint job."

Ross Darabian remembers all that plastic.


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"It was like, 'Oh my God. Who did the wrap?' It's beautiful. The way they wrapped it. I don't know how fast they did it. That takes time to wrap that car that fast," sayid Darabian, of Heathers Flowers.

Darabian said his own car was vandalized with black paint recently.

But Mike Howley thinks all that wrap and cereal was just a prank, the kind he used to pull on friends in New Jersey.

"When somebody first gets their license we would car paint, and white out all their windows and then wrap it in the Saran Wrap, so the next morning when they're first getting to drive, they come out and it's like, you can't leave, you can't do anything because it's such a hassle to get all that off," said Howley.

The LAPD said it has no record of anyone reporting the incident.  No one NBCLA talked to considered it vandalism, but then again, it wasn't their car.

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