Army of Freshmen Say No Rain in LA

Leadman Chris Jay talks about the new single, "It Never Rains in Los Angeles"

Pop Rock and catchy tunes has helped this Ventura band survive for over a decade.

"We're a rock band. We try and write catchy songs, the poppier the better," said Chris Jay, Army of Freshman's band leader. "We try and write hooks. We're in a band and we've always been into music, it's catchy and it's something people want to listen to."

Army of Freshman has played more than 1,000 shows in 10 countries and 43 states. The band has four full length records and its been in the studio working on some new material.

After graduating high school, Jay drove his parents' minivan to California aspiring to be a solo artist, but Jay said it was a failed attempt and found strength in numbers.

"I lived in Ventura. Made a couple of friends up there and it really kind of morphed into a band... but it started out very simply, very humbly."

The band didn't start out as a group, rather a solo artist with a gag joke.

"I'd be playing at Starbucks and it would be Chris Jay and Army of Freshman because it sounded like a big group, but then you'd go in there and there would only be one person so it was kind of like a private joke. I never thought that would be around 10 years later, but I guess that's a good thing."

Army of Freshman has just finished a theme song for a movie and an animated kids cartoon.

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