It's Popcorn Cake, Your Oscar Treat

Looking for a different spin on your awards night dessert? Milk Bar has it.

What to Know

  • Milk Bar
  • $50.50
  • "Popcorn crumbs" make a cameo, as well as pickled strawberry jam and salted caramel.

Film fans who love watching every single minute of the Academy Awards will, at some point in their lives, encounter a cookie shaped like Oscar.

It's just going to happen, so everyone needs to accept it.

For the golden statuette has such a recognizable shape, from its smooth head to the rounded shoulders to its tapered feet, that creating a flat goodie based on the iconic honor is as easy as creating a gingerbread man out of rolled dough.

Sometimes, though, a party host wants to find a different way to express their awards season ardor. And while the Oscar-cute cookie will never lose its charming allure, there are other reelly good desserts to ponder.

That's right, we said "reelly," as in movie reel. 

Ponder this: Milk Bar, which has become known for its nummy Cereal Milk sweets, has a brand-new Popcorn Cake, one that debuted at the end of January 2019.


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Nope, there are no edible Oscars standing atop the cake, nor other signage that speaks to the big event, but it is a cake with popcorn panache.

And popcorn is the ultimate movie-related food. 

But the popcorn crumbs and popcorn pudding present in Milk Bar's Popcorn Cake aren't the only nummable feature. Look also for corn fudge and salted caramel, as well as pickled strawberry jam on the side.

It's pretty, too, if you're looking for a tempting centerpiece for your party table, which will sure have other snacks of a cinematic nature. (Can pieces of cheese be shaped like Oscar? Surely some enterprising home cook has tried.)

Milk Bar's new Popcorn Cake is $50.50. The 91st Academy Awards will take place on Sunday, Feb. 24 in Hollywood. And yes, you'll want to order ahead, "at least 1-2 days before you'll be serving the item."

If you're wondering, eight to 12 people may enjoy the six-inch cake. Or fewer than eight? Talk amongst yourselves.

The upshot? Finding a new fun treat for your awards gathering is as essential as making sure all of your guests have filled out their ballots before the show, and not during.

During the show is for eating Popcorn Cake.

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