“Fighter” Actor Honors Firefighter

Weeks before his death, firefighter Glenn Allen helped rescue Jack McGee's wife

Actor Jack McGee, a former firefighter in New York City, wore a black strip over his firefighter's badge Sunday night at the Academy Awards.

It was a gesture to honor LA firefighter Glenn Allen, who was killed Feb. 16 during a fire at a Hollywood Hills home.

A few weeks before Allen was killed, he rescued McGee's wife. Stephanie McGee was injured during a hike.

"Stephanie took a spill three weeks ago and broke her left wrist and her hip," said McGee. "There was a firefighter by the name of Glenn Allen. He was in the ambulance, and he took care of her. He comforted her. He told me to shut up and let (paramedics) do their job."

McGee said he found out Allen was killed when he went to the station to thank the crew.

Thousands attended Allen's funeral Friday.

Credits: Jack McGee

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