Jackson Fans React to Murray Sentence

Fans of Pop Star Michael Jackson react to the news that his former doctor, Conrad Murray, has been sentenced to four years for involuntary manslaughter.

In a tight cluster, on a crowded sidewalk, fans of Michael Jackson burst into cheers when they heard the news. Dr. Conrad Murray had been sentenced to four years for involuntary manslaughter, the maximum allowed by state law.

And yet, the victory seemed bittersweet, for some.

"He did kill the King of Pop,' says fan Gia Victor. "I believe the sentence was justified."

Some said the enormity of Dr. Conrad Murray's crime was not reflected in his sentence.

"He needed to get life. He should have got the death penalty," believes Jackson fan, Jet Set Hudson.

"He let him die, you know? He let him die," says David Marshall, also a Jackson fan. "You don't call 911? How do you be a heart doctor and not know how to give CPR?

Now the last page of the last chapter has been turned.

The man who presided over the King of Pop's death is again behind bars, and the fans can now return to the task of honoring Michael Jackson's legend. One they believe will survive all of us.

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