Just How Much Rain Did Los Angeles Get This Week?

Four storms socked Southern California this week, marking the season's first stretch of significant rainfall. So how much rain did we get?

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High-rises of downtown Los Angeles rise above clouds and mist on Sunday, Jan. 6, 2019, after an overnight storm that brought rain and mountain snow to Southern California. Rains unleashed debris flows from wildfire-scarred areas of the Santa Monica Mountains that inundated parts of Pacific Coast Highway. (AP Photo/John Antczak)
As of Jan. 18, Los Angeles has received 4.96 inches of rain, compared to an average of 3.12 inches. But that's likely about all we'll get. The storm fueled by a conveyor belt of sub-tropical moisture marked the last round of rain in this month's forecast.
Two years ago, consecutive storms socked California during one of the wettest winters on record. In January 2017, Los Angeles received 8.38 inches of rain during about a dozen days of measurable rainfall. That's the ninth-wettest January ever. The wettest was in 1969 when 14.94 inches of rain drenched LA.
This map shows drought conditions in Southern California on Jan. 10 -- before this week's series of storms. You can see spots of extreme and severe drought around the region.
This map shows drought conditions after the storms. Look at the difference. Extreme conditions have been wiped from the map and severe areas are down to just a couple of small pockets. Most of the region displays moderate drought conditions.
US Drought Monitor
This map displays statewide drought conditions as of this time last year. Moderate drought conditions appear around Los Angeles and southeastern California.
US Drought Monitor
The map displays statewide conditions as of Tuesday, when most of California displays moderate drought conditions. There are small pockets of severe drought around LA, southeastern California and extreme northern California, where you'll also find a patch of extreme drought. This map does not account for most of the rain that fell this week.
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