John McClane Returns to Save People, Throw Down Quips

Can we be *both* Bruce Willis and Alan Rickman girls when it comes to "Die Hard"? We think so. It's a rare thing to like both the hero and the villain in a movie pretty much equally, but "Die Hard" is a pretty exceptional movie.

The action-in-an-office-high-rise flick, which was made over two decades ago, still regularly pops up on personal favorites lists, and served as a template for shoot-'em-ups laced with cheeky one-liners for years after its release.

Oh, those cheeky one-liners, all delivered with aplomb by a barefoot, bruised, and dirty-white-tanked Bruce Willis. Well, you know the famous one, and you probably know a few others. One we often quote: "Come out to the coast, we'll get together, have a few laughs." But there are so, so many.

In fact, approximately 13 percent of our brain-movie-quote-space may be fully taken up with "Die Hard" quippage.

The flick is screening large at ArcLight Sherman Oaks on Monday, June 29th at 7:30PM, part of the AFI 100s series. Yippee ki yay to that.

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