Join a Rosy Outing for Jane Austen Fans

It's an unofficial gathering for fans of the author, and historical wear, at The Huntington.

What to Know

  • Sunday, Jan. 27
  • The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens
  • Admission required

Many of Southern California's larger attractions are so colorful in character, and so iconic in appearance, that the temptation to gather people together and dress up, in a certain manner, all to enjoy the vibe of a particularly fabulous place cannot be denied.

And if The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens in San Marino seems as though it sprung fully formed from a Jane Austen novel in your mind, well, you're not alone in that observation.

For the historic spread's elegant plants, grand buildings, and famous Rose Garden all summon a sumptuous loveliness, the kind of dewy view often seen in period films.

But a period film will come to life, in a low-key way, when an unofficial Jane Austen Day springs up at The Huntington on Sunday, Jan. 27.

This means that, should you visit the gorgeous grounds on the final Sunday in January, you will surely encounter people strolling in frocks boasting empire waists, not to mention suits that make have a particular Mr. Darcy-like pizzazz.

Members of the Historical Tea and Dance Society will be there, so count on seeing costumers and history buffs in their most resplendent Austen-elegant wear.


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That the weather won't be cold-cold nor especially downpour-y will surely be a help, and keep those ground-touching hemlines drier, if not dry.

As for a photo to document the ye olde fun?

Make for the Rose Garden area at 1 in the afternoon to join other attendees in showing off your great vintage looks and high spirits.

Your admission to The Huntington, or an annual pass, is your entry. Again, this is an unofficial day, one not organized by the venue, but rather those people who do love to celebrate the style, wit, and manner of Ms. Austen and her unforgettable characters.

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