June 3: What's Jen Clicking on Between Newscasts?

Phil Spector on Twitter behind bars? The tweets were great ... too bad it's not real.

The headline was just to irresistible.  Phil Spector on Twitter, tweeting from behind bars in LA County jail.  "Phil Spector: The fascinating tweets of a murderer" caught my attention on CNet this morning.  It begins with a confesstion by the author that becomes important as the story unfolds.

"I've never been incarcerated in Los Angeles County Jail," writes CNet's Chris Matyszczyk, "so I wasn't aware that the headmaster, or whatever you call the harsh-looking chap who's always in charge of these places, gives inmates certain technological privileges."

It goes on to say that Spector was allowed to keep his iPod and a laptop while in LA County Jail awaiting transfer to the Big House, and has been on Twitter talking about life on the inside ... evrything from a pet cockroach named Wilson to some philosophical musings...

His Twitter feed makes for such extraordinary reading that you almost regret Norman Mailer's passing, as he surely would have written a book about it. However, let me at least offer you some of the more interesting tweetlets to whet your appetite.

Here's one, from May 28, to tickle your existential palate: "If the average man is made in God's image, then Mozart was plainly superior to God."

Or this, from the same day: "The dread of loneliness is greater than the fear of bondage, so we get married."

BUT ALAS, it's a fake.  When I went to the Twitter page this morning, a confession from "Phil Spector:"  Read this thread from the bottom up ...

WELL it was fun to think about for a minute, wasn't it? I wonder what would have happened if this very clever "troll" hadn't 'fessed up at about 5:00 this morning.  He has 1,052 followers as the fake Spector, and just this morning posted a link to this story from 11 last night that had Spector's wife calling him out on the carpet:


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3-year-old dies days after twin brother died from apparent overdose in Winnetka

(Rachelle) Spector also denied reports her husband, whom she married in September 2006, was Twittering from the Los Angeles County Jail, stating he has limited contact with the outside.

"He gets about 15 minutes a day to make a phone call," she explained. "I only get two 30-minute visits a week."

As of 5:45 this morning, the CNet story I saw had a "?" after the headline "the fascinating tweets of a murderer" and the editor's note at the top: "Some readers and twitterers are alleging that the Phil Spector tweets are a hoax. We are looking into it."

I prefer when the editor's note is purely recreational, as is often the case in space.

Editor's Note: Purely recreational notes are great and Parks and Recreational notes are good, too.

I do like that this Spector imposter had a sense of humor about it all.  I think my favorite post (oh there are so many) from his feed is:

"I always confuse people when I write letters. I sign off with my initials and people seem to think they have missed something."

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