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Operation Iraqi Stephen: Colbert goes Commando in Iraq

I'm just now watching the Colbert Report from last night on Hulu, and thought I'd share. Steven Colbert is in Iraq, doing his Comedy Central show for the troops, taped just one day before it airs here in the U.S.

Click the video box to the left to check out the first show, which aired last night. 

Robert Dougherty writes, on Associated Content:

Stephen Colbert mocks everything and plays a fake lunatic pundit all the time. But the trip to the Persian Gulf is dead serious, as is Colbert's mission there. In real life, the comedian has taken note that the Iraq War, and its soldiers, have faded in the headlines as the economy and President Obama have taken much of America's attention.

With the trip to Iraq, Colbert seeks to put the spotlight back on the soldiers still over there - though he can still get some laughs along the way.

At least one thing I read this morning (The Baltimore Sun) seemed to cluck its tongue at the Colbert Report's Iraq shows:

I am concerned about turning the palace of a former ruler who we conquered, captured and handed over for execution (no matter how odious he might have been) into what is essentially a comedy club on a cable TV channel. It seems arrogant and at odds with the kind of care we took with buildings and cultures in Europe after World War II. And in that case, we had stopped a real monster who had transgressed practically every border in the western world.


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I am also concerened about President Barack Obama getting involved with the faux show and taping a message to Colbert and Odierno that was played on the show. In the message, Obama ordered Odierno to cut Colbert's hair. Does the president's involvement in the shtick not undercut the life and death seriousness of war? And is there any latenight show the president doesn't have time for?

I am troubled that so many websites and newspapers carried the "news" of Colbert's hair getting cut on Monday (the show was taped in Iraq on Sunday.) Like I said, we don't cover the war anymore, just a fake talkshow host making jokes about the war and getting his hair cut.

Yes, it started with the President ordering him to get his hair cut -- which the troops loved.

"It's going to take a whole lot more than a four star general to get me to cut my hair!" Colbert says to General Ray Odierno.

Enter Barack Obama, on a giant video screen, giving the orders.

When Colbert asks if his spy cameras are that good, that he hears what's going on in Baghdad at all times, the President deadpans, "No. But my ears are that big."

Interested to hear what you think about this; on the one hand, it's getting the war in the news AT ALL which is a good thing, right?  This is a U.S.O.-backed outing, and Colbert has rallied his followers to raise money and awareness, as many blogger point out, "Stephen Colbert has long been a supporter of the Troops. He has raised money for school supplies for the children of Soldiers, contributed his support for the Yellow Ribbon Fund which helps injured veterans and is donating the U.S.O. proceeds from this weeks iTunes downloads of his episodes this week."

Back to the President's big ears.  I ran across another story online that's worth a read for the single people out there.  "Would most Type A professional women have dated Barack when he was a broke, big-eared organizer with a funny name?"  That's the question posed by a story in The Root called "What Single Women Can Learn From Michelle."

Here's the premise, set by writer Jenee Desmond Harris:

...if we’d first encountered him the way Michelle did, as a regular guy, under the glow of office lights instead of the spotlight, would he have made our lists at all?

In footage that plays when the networks mention how our cool, young, black president shot hoops with his staff and friends on Election Day, Obama is close to gawky in a simple gray T-shirt tucked in just a bit too tightly. Between plays, you notice tapered pants pulled up a little too high. A slightly skinny build. In those few frames, he’s not the hottest guy on the court, let alone in the country. When he appeared as a presidential candidate on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, my initial swoon as he stepped on stage was short-lived. He playfully hip-bumped the host in an overly bouncy dance routine that embarrassed me into looking away. Suddenly, I was watching my boss get down at the company Christmas party or a friend’s dad grooving to Earth, Wind and Fire at her wedding. Not bad. Endearing, even. But “swagga” did not spring to mind. Sure, Obama is a dad and a boss to many . . . but I get the impression he’s been dancing like that his whole life.

Haha, so true.   Women are so quick to dismiss a man based on stupid stuff like embarrasing us on the dance floor. I always wonder if we only notice the stupid stuff on the ones we're not too busy swooning over. Really, if a guy you're gaga over has big ears, you think they're cute, don't you? Oh but it goes on as the writer talks about playing matchmaker:

Just as I picked at the less-than-cool undercurrents of that presidential pickup game and talk-show dance party, my female friends hone in on the negative as they snub my suggestions.

His toes were ashy.

He seems like he’d be a really cool friend, but I don’t know, those lips. . .

He was wearing a bubble coat, and seriously, it was not that cold.

We had a good conversation, but I like a man to be more aggressive.

That was our second and last date. He used the word “authentic” like 14 times.

How many times do I have to tell you I’m looking for someone TALL and HOT? Keywords being tall and hot.

He drank a hot chocolate instead of coffee. What is he? A 6’4’’12-year-old? (I’m putting myself out there—this was my own reaction to an otherwise pleasant date just a few years ago.)

It's obviously geared toward the African American woman, but worth a read for any single person regardless of race or gender. Okay, who am I kidding ... mostly for women.  Right now the story has about 87 comments, mostly from women.  Hmm, they sure sound defensive...maybe it struck a nerve?

Editor's Note: And here's what we (guys) might learn from Barack Obama... such as, be seen with Michelle Obama.

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