“Just Imagine”: Happy Birthday, John Lennon

A popular Hayworth Theatre show pays tribute to the legend.

There's a longtime urban legend that says there's a Beatles song playing somewhere in the world during every second of every day, either on a stage, the radio, or on television.

Is that all? That's likely on the very, very low side. C'mon, urban legends, up your stuff.

We'd also add to that that some sort of heartfelt tribute is being paid to the members of the Beatles, somehow, in some creative way, all the time, during every minute and every second of every day.

Oct. 9 is a major day on the Beatles fandom's calendar. It's the day John Lennon was born in 1940. And while the day he died is also regularly marked with peace vigils and remembrances -- that was Dec. 8, 1980, as you likely remember -- his birthday is also marked by music mavens in a variety of ways.

If you want to remember the man who wrote "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)" and "Tomorrow Never Knows," you can do so at...

The Hayworth Theatre: "Just Imagine LIVE! A Tribute to John Lennon" is indeed exactly that. Perform Tim Piper pays the icon a very loving salute through song and humor and that particular Lennon-esque twinkle. It has been extended through Dec. 29. Oh, and if you share a birthday with John Lennon, you'll get in free on Oct. 9.

Pepper Tree Retreat: Local LA Lennon fans recall that Southern California was a favorite destination for the singer. Yes, he made his home in New York City and spent his youth in England, Berlin, and traveling the world, but Ojai was one of the places he traveled to find peace. The Pepper Tree keeps a room named in his honor.

Grammy Museum: The mondo exhibit all about Ringo Starr is still running, and its title of "Peace & Love" should be enough to summon any Lennon fan. Lots of historical artifacts and such related to the drummer, and the very famous band he played a part in, are on display, so bet you'll come across several interesting Lennon-related stories.

Walk of Fame Star: John Lennon's Hollywood sidewalk star was in the headlines days ahead of his birthday due to graffiti. The good news: The star has been cleaned up in time for his birthday. Find it near the Capital Records building at 1750 Vine Street.

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