Kitten Rescued From Sky-High Pole is Reunited With Owner

Rascally Ruth, a 9-month-old tortie who is generally an indoor cat only, somehow managed to get herself all the way up a utility pole.

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An intrepid kitten who managed to scale a power pole in Indio, only to get stuck at the top, was back with her owner tonight thanks to a coordinated rescue operation by the county Department of Animal Services and Imperial Irrigation District.

Ruth, the 9-month-old kitten, disappeared from home on Nov. 13, but her owner finally spotted her perched precariously atop the pole outside her home.

Animal Services crews responded Tuesday to the pole on Arabia Street between Kenner Avenue and Avenue 44, with Ruth unable to navigate the electrical lines atop the pole to get down. Animal Services workers called IID for help, and the power company brought in a truck and lifted a worker in a bucket. The worker managed to scoop the kitten from the pole and bring her to safety.

After the ordeal, Heather Padilla, Ruth's owner, wrote on Facebook, "Thank you to the mayor, IID, the news stations, animal control and all of the community. Currently, we have her at the animal hospital over by Jefferson (Street). I'm having her checked to make sure she is OK and to get fluids if she needs.''

She said Ruth's exploring days would be coming to halt.

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