LA-Bacon Festival: Nab Tickets Now

The sells-out-fast feast is partnering with the Petersen for savory fun.

Do you miss taking quizzes, the kind you used to take in school? You do? Then please solve this conundrum for us... What moves faster: a race car, a roller coaster, or tickets to the LA Bacon Festival?

Frankly, all of those things zoom forward at an astounding pace, and pitting them against each other in the supersonic category is pointless, as they all occupy different spheres. But the bacon festival? Which comes around each year? Let's just say that the tickets to this thing have a "now you see them, now you don't" kind of quality, a quality that could lead any objective observer to belief magic might be involved.

If you do believe that savory salty strips, once the superstars of the breakfast plate but now the superstars of lunch and dinner and dessert, too, to be magical, then best hop on your ticket pronto. Drink|Eat|Play, the outfit behind the four-year-old food confab, just announced the date and location of the party's next outing, and it comes with plus, one not unrelated to the concept of going fast.

It's at the Petersen Automotive Museum, the Miracle Mile hub of car culture, and if you've driven by the Petersen's astounding transformation over the last year, you've likely longed to peek inside. That initial public peek is coming in December, but if you can't make it in the next couple of months, but do plan on attending the Sunday, Feb. 21 bacon festival, be glad: It's happening at the freshly redone auto institution.

Look for "dozens of restaurants and bakeries" to show up in an "homage to all things bacon," an homage that will be enhanced by a number of hopsy libations, thanks to the 20-plus breweries also in attendance.

Will there be sweets as well as more traditional bites? We almost expect there to come a day when the dessert end of the bacon equation starts to dominate. Could this happen? Debate away, baconists.

Will the tickets for the February salty strip soiree move as zippity-quick as any car found inside the Petersen? Well, probably not, but if we saw wheels on a ticket to the LA Bacon Festival, we would not be shocked, given how all available spots at the foodie gathering do tend to roll fast into the pockets of early buyers. 

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