L.A. City Firefighters Prepare for New Onslaught

They Move Emergency Teams in Place

Los Angeles City Firefighters said Tuesday that up until now, the weather has been working in their favor.

Although they've been very busy answering more than 490 calls for service just in the morning hours, they fear the next storm moving in tonight will be even more severe.

So according to Battalion Chief Jack Weiss, who is in charge of Disaster Preparedness, is pre-deploying his emergency teams.

These include the swift water rescue teams, the urban search and rescue teams and the wildland fuel management teams.

Weiss also warned people to stay out of the flood control channels.

He said some people think the storm is a good time to engage in extreme sports, but not only is this against the law, but it also endangers people other than themselves.

He also called on people to stay out of the hills and to postpone any hikes.

Weiss reminded people that sand bags are available at most fire stations should they need them in flood prone areas.


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