L.A. County: Top Ten Things to Take With You in an Emergency

Are you prepared if you are forced to leave your home?

Mother nature has hit Southern California with a vengeance the past couple of days with heavy rain forcing people from their homes and flooding causing property damage as well as multiple power outages.

And it isn’t over yet.  A huge storm –bigger than the last three days combined – was bearing down on Southern Californians Tuesday with landfall predicted to start after midnight.

Tuesday Los Angeles County released their top ten list of most important items to collect if you have to evacuate.
The Office of Emergency Management says that you need 10 essential items to be prepared packed and ready to go.

1.  Water       
2.  Food
3.  Cash and Important Documents   
4.  Clothes
5.  Flashlight      
6.  First Aid Kit
7.  Medicine      
8.  Radio
9.  Toiletries      
We can’t stop the natural forces of nature, but we can be prepared.  For more information about emergency preparedness go to LA County Department of Public website.

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