Downtown Los Angeles

LA Day Laborer Center Faces Eviction Orders

Some workers are accused of being a nuisance and even a danger to the area.

A day laborer center in downtown Los Angeles is in danger of closing as residents of the area claim that some workers constitute a nuisance and danger to the neighborhood.

The center, managed by the CARECEN organization, has been in the area for 16 years, but on Dec. 20 they received an eviction order. Representatives of the organization emphasize that the closure would complicate workers' situations.

Workers utilize the center to find a job each day and also receive help when there are problems with payment for completed work. They also have the opportunity to attend classes on different subjects.

However, lawyers representing Wilshire Union Center, the company that owns the shopping center, showed photos of people urinating and involved in drug activities. Those who are hoping that the center will not close claim that it is not the workers who are causing the problems.

The law firm sent a letter to CARECEN where they were informed that the center will close on Jan. 17. Lawyers claim that the presence of day laborers has become a nuisance and an urban deterioration, so they will no longer allow the presence of the center in the area.

For the time being, CARECEN and the day laborers have started gathering signatures for a petition, which can be accessed online or in person at the day laborer center.

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