LA Fair New: Deep-Fried Hot Sauce

The unusual treat'll make its spicy debut at the 2016 Pomona spectacular.

Seems as though just about every group of friends boasts a show-offy member who'll drink hot sauce straight from a spoon, or, if the spicy stakes are upped, the nearest cup.

And not just any mild sauce, either, but the kind of stuff rife with habañero heat and enough burn to rock the Scoville scale to its very fiery foundation.

Those brave hot sauce sippers are about to bring their more tremulous pals on board, thanks to the newest buzzy food of the Los Angeles County Fair: deep-fried hot sauce.

True, the long-running Pomona spectacular, which is closing in upon its 100th birthday (in 2022), doesn't get going for another 100 days or so. It still opens on Sept. 2, 2016, and continues to carnival-it-up through Sept. 25.

But the offbeat bites of the LA County Fair get as much rapt attention as a person drinking hot sauce from a mug. In that spirit, the fair shared one of its big dishes for 2016, which will indeed by a chili-laden libation encased in some sort of doughy deliciousness.

Even your non-spoon-drinking, heat-iffy friends may have a go at that, if you dare them.

This isn't the first time the fair has offered up a deep-fried treat that stems from something liquid; deep-fried Starbucks made caffeinated waves a couple of years back, and the ever-popular deep-fried Kool-Aid will make a return in September.

Will the doughy batter cool down some of the hot sauce's heat? Should it? And will you need a carton of milk nearby, the better to douse an extreme after-reaction?

Questions to ponder over the summer as you prep for the LA County Fair's zesty new deep-fried offering.

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