Holy Batman Day! See Where Batman Began Inside the DC Comics Archives

The DC Comics Archives houses 85 years of DC history.

What to Know

  • Batman was first seen in a DC Comic in 1939.
  • The Bat-Signal was first seen in 1941.
  • Batman Day will be held worldwide on Sept. 21st.

It's been 80 years since the Batman was first introduced to the public. Deep track fans will know he first appeared in Detective Comics #27 (March 1939) and was created for DC by Bob Kane with Bill Finger. A few years later, the Bat-Signal first appeared in Detective Comics #60 (December 1941).

On September 21, Batman Day, DC and Warner Bros. will be celebrating the Dark Knight's 80th Anniversary by projecting the iconic Bat-Signal on skyscrapers and landmarks in major cities around the world, including Melbourne, Tokyo, Berlin, Paris, London, New York, Los Angeles and more.

In addition, the day will be marked with activities at more than 2,000 international retail locations, special edition comic book giveaways for fans of all ages, talent signings, Batman curated "Presented by Amazon" shops, Batman 5K runs and much more.

DC Archivist Benjamin LeClear says fans have been drawn to Batman for 80 years because of one simple thing — he's human just like the rest of us.

"I don't know if we all agree that Superman is going to exist," LeClear said. "But we all agree that Batman could exist. I think we all want a Batman out there to help us when we're in our darkest days."

For more information on all of the Batman Day activities, fans can visit Batman80.com.

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