Huge Consignment Sale in the San Fernando Valley

Parents in search of clothing, shoes and even toys for their ever-growing children might want to visit the LA Kids Consignment sale in Canoga Park this weekend.

Kristin Nelson started the company seven years ago in her driveway, and it keeps growing.

"If I could find bigger and bigger buildings, it would be even bigger," said Nelson. "People sign up ahead of time to be a consigner and in this sale, we have 550 families participating and they enter all their items and drop it off to us right before the sale."

With hundreds of volunteers on hand, every item is inspected to make sure there are no rips or tears in clothing, and to ensure that all toys are working.

"We organize the whole building so it's easy to shop like a retail store. All the clothes are hung by clothes and gender so you can go exactly where you need to go," said Nelson.

And it's quite the deal for consigners, who get 65 percent of whatever sells. If they volunteer, they get 70 percent. Plus they get to shop on the pre-sale day, saving hundreds of dollars in the family budget.

Consignment shopper Sarah Bloom has a nearly 2-year-old son, and baby girl due in December. She sold all of her baby things through this consignment sale.

Now it's time to stock back up.

"It's a good way to go, cause it encourages you to take care of your things and you're not contributing to a landfill," said Bloom.

Mother of two, Selena Hughes, said shopping at the consignment sale prevents her from doing impulse shopping. It's a one-stop shopping paradise.

The sale runs from Friday, Sept. 30 through Sunday Oct. 2, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. all three days. It is located at Senter Studios, 8411 Canoga Ave. in Canoga Park.

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