LA Makes Weather Channel's List of “Worst Summers”

There's a certain superiority Southern Californians enjoy when it comes to weather. There may be smog, traffic, earthquakes, absurd real estate prices, but one thing this region will always have is its weather.

Unfortunately, this summer didn't live up to par. In fact, the summer was such a letdown, Los Angeles made the Weather Channel's list of the top 5 worst summers of 2010:

The Weather Channel's Top 5 Worst Summers of 2010

  1. Washington, D.C. -- The city sweltered through a record hot summer, including several rounds of severe thunderstorms that triggered widespread power outages.  Now the nation’s capital is dealing with a burgeoning drought.  
  2. Little Rock, AR -- With a record streak of 110 days with 90+ temperatures, Little Rock is the "poster boy" for the never-ending summer in the South.
  3. Des Moines, IA -- Swollen rivers and creeks pushed well beyond their banks in Iowa, causing a dam to fail in Lake Delhi that led to significant flooding in Ames.  Des Moines also picked up 30" of rain this summer.
  4. Brownsville, TX -- It got a taste of the first named storm of the season when Hurricane Alex washed ashore as a Category 2 storm in June.  A tropical depression soon followed.  Then, Brownsville got a repeat lashing with Tropical Storm Hermine.  The soaking and flooding rains combined with a typically hot South Texas summer only added insult to injury.
  5. Los Angeles, CA -- May gray turned into June gloom.  It was no day at the beach in July as the sun stayed tucked away behind a persistent, cool marine layer.
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