LA Men: Sensitive Guys After All

LA men may be known for being flaky hipsters, but that doesn’t mean they can’t show their sensitive side.

As least, that’s the sappy finding of a new "study" sponsored by Axe -- the folks who produce body sprays and washes allegedly designed to make women lose all rationality.

L.A. tied San Francisco at the top of the list of "Best Cities for Showing Off Your Sensitive Side."

Each city can boast about a large number of top-rated restaurants and cultural centers. In fact, California came out on top overall, with six of the top 15 spots going to cities here in the Golden State.

To produce the study, Axe worked with Bert Sperling’s "BestPlaces" to rank American cities based on criteria including types of magazine subscriptions, amount of cultural centers such a museums and music venues, types of retail stores and restaurants and the least number of “dude-friendly” activities like fishing and hunting.

That explains a lot.

That may also explain why Nashville, Tenn., was listed as the very worst city to show off your sensitive side.

Here’s the list, read it and weep:

1. Los Angeles/San Francisco, CA (tied for first)
3. New York, NY
4. Boston, MA
5. Washington, DC
6. Newark, NJ
7. Chicago, IL
8. Santa Ana-Anaheim, CA
9. Miami, FL
10. Cambridge, MA

Worst Cities for Showing Off Your Sensitive Side

1. Nashville, TN
2. San Antonio, TX
3. Cincinnati, OH
4. Charlotte, NC
5. Kansas City, MO
6. St. Louis, MO
7. Pittsburgh, PA
8. Fort Worth-Arlington, TX
9. Jacksonville, FL
10. Virginia Beach-Norfolk, VA

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