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Metro Has New Gruesome Videos to Encourage Safety

The bold black-and-yellow animated shorts show the deaths of Metro riders not paying attention or ignoring safety tips

Metro PSA
Courtesy of LA Metro

Metro officials have a bold new plan to encourage safety at train stops across Los Angeles County — cartoon videos showing stick figures impaled, dismembered and otherwise dispatched by passing trains.

In a series of public service announcements released on its YouTube channel last week, Metro takes viewers on a trip to "Safetyville," demonstrating safety issues.

Each of the six clips features an animated stick figure in close proximity to a train. There's Mike taking his new car out for a test drive; Joan checks out her friend's social media posts.

Then they make a mistake, leaving them the victim of a passing train. The avoidable deaths are graphic, though the characters' blood isn't shown. 

"Is it too much? I don't think so," said Jennifer Arndt, interim director of Metro's Safety Department. "It hits home and makes an impact. We want you to think twice."

Each PSA is titled with a catchy phrase presenting a choice to the viewer: "Present or Pulverized?" or "Mindful or Mangled?" And each ends with the motto, "Safety begins with you."

Metro officials were inspired by Melbourne Metro's "Dumb Ways to Die" PSA, which received international recognition in 2012.

Watch all six of Metro's videos here: [[384768341, C]]

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