Nadia Lockyer Arrested in SoCal

The former Alameda County supervisor reportedly checked herself into a drug rehab after being released from jail.

The estranged wife of California State Treasurer Bill Lockyer faces new drug and child-endangerment charges after she was arrested last week in Orange County.

Nadia Lockyer, a former Alameda County supervisor, made headlines in February after a violent incident at a Bay Area hotel involving a man with whom she was allegedly having an affair.

Two months later in April, she resigned her seat on the Alameda County Board of Supervisors.

According to court records, Lockyer's arrest in Orange County happened on Aug. 28.

Police said they found her in possession of methamphetamines and drug paraphernalia, including a "tubular aluminum foil with burned end."

Officers also said she showed signs of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Orange County investigators said she had her 9-year-old son with her at the time.

Nadia Lockyer was charged with four criminal counts:

  • felony methamphetamine possession
  • being under the influence of a controlled substance
  • possession of drug paraphernalia
  • child abuse and endangerment

She entered not guilty pleas to all the counts on Aug. 30 and was released on her own recognizance to National Therapeutic Services, an Orange County drug rehab center, according to the San Jose Mercury-News.

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