Nerfs Up! Hasbro is Taking Over LA Live With a Giant Nerf Challenge

Hasbro has set up an immersive Nerf Challenge in Downtown LA.


What to Know

  • Nerf Challenge is happening on the Event Deck at LA Live.
  • It runs Dec. 7 through Jan. 5.

If it's always been your childhood dream to play with larger-than-life Nerf toys, we have good news! Hasbro is taking over the Event Deck at LA Live with 50,000 square feet of Nerf-tastic games and experiences.

How Nerf-tastic? Guests can revel in a life-sized game of foosball, battle in one of three custom themed NERF arenas, or become a human wrecking ball - barreling into Nerfy pins in Wrecking Bowling.

There are head-to-head challenges and over-the-top Nerf-themed activations to fully immerse guests in the Nerf world. Daily live events and demos are also part of the price of admission. Yes, there is a fee for Nerf heaven.

Tickets from $25 to $85.50. The Nerf Challenge runs from Dec. 7 to Jan. 5.

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