LA Ranks 14th in Top 25 Walking Cities

The 1980s band Missing Persons insisted that "nobody walks in L.A.," but that's apparently not true, according to a study released Tuesday.
Los Angeles placed 14th in a study ranking the 25 "best walking cities in America," while Santa Ana came in at 18th. San Diego ranked 13th.

The study -- conducted by Prevention health magazine, the American Podiatric Medical Association and Sperling's Best Places -- also gave Los Angeles and Santa Ana kudos for having "amazing nature walks," while Santa Ana was hailed as being "great for fitness walkers."

Metro areas were evaluated based on 19 criteria, including population density per square mile, use of mass transit, crime rates and square miles of local and state parks.

San Francisco topped the list, followed by Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Chicago.

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