L.A. Stripper Subs for Student at H.S. Reunion

Instead of attending her 10-year high school reunion in Palos Verdes, our newfound hero, Andrea Wachner, sent a stripper and filmed the whole thing.

Posing as Wachner, exotic dancer Cricket, who attended the reunion wearing fishnets, a tight black dress and spike-heeled boots, told classmates she had reconstructive surgery and suffered from amnesia.

It sounds a little soapy, but the story had a hint of truth to it, ABC News reported Tuesday:

It wasn't completely unbelievable, because some had already heard that the real-life Wachner was in an accident after high school -- her car was totaled and she had been injured, but she had never suffered from amnesia. Most of them had not seen or talked to Wachner since high school, but many found her new profession suspect: Cricket as Andrea said she was working as a stripper to help pay her graduate school tuition.

Doubters were put at ease as Wachner -- stationed in a nearby hotel room -- fed Cricket information through an earpiece.

And for our viewing pleasure, Wachner, 31, filmed the whole thing for her documentary "I Remember Andrea."

After posting snippets on YouTube, a few class of 1995ers were displeased.


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"There's definitely a contingency of people who hate me because of this," Wachner told ABC News.

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