LA Superior Court Sets 90-Day Grace Period on Traffic and Non-Traffic Tickets

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The presiding judge of Los Angeles County's Superior Court system announced Friday that it is instituting a 90-day grace period on all traffic and non-traffic infraction tickets as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

"Our court's sole focus during this crisis has been how best to serve our community and this has remained my North Star," Presiding Judge Kevin C. Brazile said in a statement released this morning.

"I look forward to working with our community partners in getting the word out to the people of Los Angeles County: while you are facing an unprecedented threat to your lives and your livelihood, one thing you do not have to worry about is paying a traffic ticket or losing your license. Focus on staying safer at home and riding out this storm."

The court system will not take any action to send such matters to collections if they remain unpaid or assess the permissible civil assessments, and defendants do not have to contact the clerk's office to take advantage of the relief.

Defendants who have suspended driver's licenses as a result of unpaid tickets for traffic infractions can call the court to set a future hearing date and immediately have the court request a release of their driver's license hold from the California Department of Motor Vehicles, although there may be some delays in having the holds lifted, according to the court.

If a traffic or non-traffic citation is due and action has not yet been taken to resolve it, a due date extension can be requested by contacting the courthouse the citation is assigned to and speaking with a clerk to discuss their options.

Hundreds of cars lined up at a food drive in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, as organizations try to help people through the coronavirus pandemic. In Oklahoma City, the lines of cars even caused traffic delays.

People who are experiencing financial or other difficulties related to the coronavirus crisis and are unable to pay or need an extension for their traffic and non-traffic ticket matters have options, including establishing a payment plan, requesting a reduction in the monthly payment amount, seeking an extension of a payment plan due date, requesting an extension of community service completion date or extension of a traffic school completion date and scheduling a court date in June, according to the court.

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