Survey: Visitors Find LA Unfriendly, Unintelligent

The thing is, a survey of residents finds they agree

Travel and Leisure magazine is out with its America's Favorite Cities survey, and the results make LA seem like a nice enough place to visit.

Until you get to the category marked "people."

Visitors ranked LA 35th when it comes to friendliness. That's out of 35 cities.

Visitors ranked Charleston the friendliest place.

And, when it comes to intelligence, LA ranks 34th. Take that, Memphis.

Portland topped the intelligence rankings.

That must really irk all of the unfriendly, unintelligent people in LA, right? Actually, many of us agree with visitors.

Among residents surveyed by Travel and Leisure, LA ranks 34th in the "friendly" category and 32nd in "intelligence."

Other areas in which we're lacking, according to visitors: cleanliness, public transportation, safety and microbrew beer. Come back and see us during LA Beer Week

We fared better in categories like big-name restaurants, big-name luxury hotels, luxury store, stylish people -- residents and visitors see eye to eye on that one, too -- and weather.

Check out the full survey here.

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